Hi my name's Shivneet Grewal, and I'm in grade 10. Still fourteen years old, cheerful and helpful. Welcome to my planning blog. 
Some facts about me now. I was born in Surrey on December 19th. I went to Kirkbride Elementary from kindergarten all the way to grade 7, and then came to Matheson. I always put my best effort into everything and like to accomplish the goals I set. I live with my mom, dad, and younger brother. I don't really have a crazy family and I'm not bothered by anyone much. My friends would call me the "smarty pants" but I'd say its just my determination to get somewhere in life. I'm kind, may be a bit quiet, but I'm always there for my friends. My favourite sports are badminton, basketball, and volleyball. I love rollerblading in my free time, and absolutely LOVE listening to music. I always feel like something's a bit incomplete without music. I listen to mostly all genres of music. Watching tv is not really my thing. Instead, I like to watch movies once in a while, tidy up my room , and yeah I'm really neat. This is my third year of high school and its sort of hard to believe it because it felt like yesterday when I started grade 8. I always try to stay positive and make the best of every situation. Hope you got to know a bit about me. Thanks for reading.    
Ms. Bertrand
9/11/2013 10:04:16 am

Thanks for the glimpse into who you are Shivneet. I wholeheartedly agree with you that things feel incomplete without music.

I look forward to working with you this year in Planning!


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