Happiness, learning, and achievement are the words I would use to describe my Genius Hour experience. Denieze and I have gradually completed our project, "Ready, Steady, Cook!" When we started out the project, we had a lot in mind, like a video, food for the class, and much more, but it turns out everything doesn't turn out the way you want it to. Our perspective has changed, and we have made some changes in our final product. As the semester is coming to an end, our main focus is quality of the product, not quantity, or how many things we put into it. Our skills have improved sufficiently. As to cooking, we've got the hang of it now. The first time we cooked, it was disastrous. We bought the wrong ingredients, took a LONG time, and our final product was literally burnt. As we progressed, our knowledge of different types of ingredients increased, and our cooking skills improved, because we know how to do things faster, and how to make the dish turn out good overall. Denieze and I did not have to stress out too much, because we had already collected all our recipes during the first month, and also completed all our research then also.

    The next step for us is to put together our final TED talk and presentation. We will continue with the idea of a powerpoint, and present our project along with a TED talk. Our goal is to make the presentation fun, with a bit of information, but it will be mainly about our experience. As we cooked foods like pizza, lasagna, cheescake, and crepes, we tried our best to take many pictures. The final step is to now arrange our pictures in a way that illustrates our experience, and is also fun to look at. This will be a bit of a challenge for us, as both of us are not very creative, and might make the class really bored. Our biggest challenge thus far has been the way we used our time. Before the winter break, Denieze and I had decided that we would finish our whole Genius Hour project in the break, and would just make any minor changes near the end of the semester. However, nothing turned out the way we had planned. We decided not to work on our project during the two week break, and we had to work extra hard this January. Although we were a bit stressed out about the project, we still completed it, and are almost ready to present.  


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