We've been working on Genius Hour for about 3 months, and the semester is coming to an end. My partner and I have cooked French foods like cheesecake, and macarons, and have learnt quite a lot about what it takes to cook in that style. French foods are delicious, but the catch is all the hard work that goes into making them. When we made our cheesecake the first time, it was totally new to us, because the steps were quite lengthy and every step needed to be done exactly like it was described. Our cheesecake was good, but nothing more than that. The second time around, we had gained some knowledge as to how to bake foods, and we perfected all the steps. The end result was magnificent! Through this process of struggle, we did learn to try again, and put all our hearts into what we were trying to accomplish. As the semester progresses, Denieze and I wish to try cooking different types of foods, and explore the inner cooks inside of us. Along with French food, we have also taken the challenge of experimenting with some Italian dishes. Over the winter break we will cook Italian dishes like pasta, spaghetti, and anything else Italian, you name it!

      Our final product is a great deal away from being finished. Our plan is to make a PowerPoint presentation that shares  with the class our experiences, knowledge of food, and of course, our failures and successes. As of now, we have some pictures of our  finished products, but we have no videos. We will definitely try to capture some nice moments that we have. Our goal is to educate the class somewhat about French and Italian cuisine, but the main purpose is to make the presentation light, fun, and interesting. The presentation will have some history, pictures, and hopefully a video. Along with the PowerPoint will be a delicious and divine dish for everyone to enjoy, but of course that part's a surprise. Our presentation needs to be finished by the end of winter break so we have enough time to make any minor changes in the way everything is put together. Throughout November, Denieze and I were working on our research about French and Italian foods, and we have finally completed it. That is one step down, and three to go. The other two steps are to first complete all our picture and video parts, then put everything together, and finally present it. Throughout our journey of cooking we wish to learn, experience, and of course, have fun. 

“The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing. ” 
- Walt Disney Company

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