My Genius Hour project is called “Ready, Steady, Cook!” It is about learning how to cook different foods from various countries. I selected this as my project because I feel like learning how to cook something other than ordinary foods, and I would like to improve my cooking skills as well. Currently, I am learning about French cuisine, and have printed out some recipes like lasagna, cheesecake, macarons, crème-brulee, and crepes. So far, I have tried out the cheesecake, and it was quite a challenge for me, as the process of it was quite long. However, it has given me some experience and guidance as to how the future recipes will be like. I have learnt to stay patient when baking something, and follow the instructions very carefully. Websites from the internet have been my greatest resource so far, but I also plan in using cookbooks, and watching YouTube videos. Some websites that I have used are: and  My hopes for this project are to expand my knowledge of various types of foods, and to improve my cooking skills.
    My next step is to try out the recipes I have chosen, and to research about French cuisine. I plan to move onto another country once I have mastered the French food, and also gained some knowledge as to what French cuisine is. As I explore various countries, I will reflect on my experiences and also see how challenging the process is. No challenges have come my way so far, but I do know that there will be some in the future. The final product will be a summary of my experiences, challenges, and successes, and will give me and the class a good understanding of various foods from different countries.


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